10 questions to ask when considering a coworking space

Guest post by Pierrine Carlier, NOMAD space

Starting a new business presents an avalanche of challenges - trust us, we know. And one of them is finding a workspace that can adapt to the ever changing needs of a growing company. There is a solution for that: coworking!  Coworking spaces are freeing startups from long-term contracts, offering Google-like workspaces at an affordable price and the opportunity to thrive in a community of like-minded people.


But the space offering is growing every day in London - how can you be sure you’ll pick the best place for your startup to grow? We gathered the top 10 key questions you should keep in mind when choosing a new coworking space.


1.               Where do I want to work?


This is obvious - and yet essential. You want to choose a space that’s well connected to the main tube lines, easily accessible for both your team and clients. Also, it’s always nice to have somewhere to go to for lunch or for a beer after work so keep this in mind when looking for a new place!


2.               What kind of space am I looking for?

There’s a wide range of workspaces out there. Think about your needs and requirements: how many desks do you need? Do you need a private office or would you rather work in an open floor? London is also home to very unconventional workspaces - Why not try them out?




3.               What is my budget?

A lot of factors can influence the cost of a workspace: the number of desks you need, whether you want a private office or a common space, the location, the extra services you might need,... Take a moment to determine a precise range of price, and how flexible you’re willing to be.


4.               What are the amenities?  

Pick up the most important amenities to your startup and start filtering the possibilities. Some are a given like high-speed WiFi, printer, coffee and tea. But most of them have a lot more to offer! Here is a little list to help you start with:


  • Access to meeting rooms?

  • Storage lockers?

  • Parking available?

  • Communal area/games?

  • Snacks provided?

  • Pet-friendly?

  • Showers?

  • Bike storage?


Huckletree - Shoreditch


5.               Does the space offer other perks?

Some workspaces offer additional perks such as local discounts, promotions with partners, a gym membership, a discount if you book for more than a month, … Sometimes, slightly more expensive options offer a lot more value.



6.               Who else is there?

Some spaces cater to a specific industry, whilst others are open to any kind of business. Working with other companies from the same industry can be highly beneficial: you might find a mentor or someone to bounce ideas off and share past experiences with. On the other hand, sharing your space with totally different sectors can be very positive too: a fresh perspective can help you solve old problems. Ask yourself what would help your startup grow and who you want to be surrounded by.


7.                Can I visit?

Every space is different. A visit is essential so you can feel the vibe and the atmosphere: is it a suit-and-tie kind of place or is the dress code more laidback? Is it noisy or calm? And most importantly: do you see yourself growing there?


8.               Are there networking events?

The watercooler does not always provide the best environment to meet your coworkers - which is why networking events are so important. In fact, they are one of the main benefits of coworking: be integrated in a community of like-minded peers with whom you can collaborate, create, and thrive.


Interchange Atrium


9.               What about community events?

Here is another upside of working in non-traditional workspaces: most of them organise community events for their members such as yoga sessions, HIIT training, breakfasts, Friday drinks, office Olympics or ping pong tournaments… Work sounds a lot more fun, doesn't it?  


10.         What are the working hours?

We truly believe everyone works its best at different schedules - which is why this questions is important! If you have any night owls in your team, they’ll be happy to find a place where they can stay as late as they want. Do you want your space to be open 24/7? And on bank holidays? Startup life never stops, be sure your space won’t either.


At NOMAD, we’d like to help you out and make it all easier for you. We gathered all the best spaces in London - including coworking spaces, meeting rooms and event spaces.

Rishi Chowdhury

Rishi is the co founder of IncuBus Ventures. His background is in marketing and business development. He previously worked as the online marketing manager for one of Europe's fastest growing startups, Huddle.

Rishi also has experience of running startups himself, with one success, one failure behind him. He also  has advised and consulted over 20 early stage startups as well as over 40 alumni of IncuBus Ventures.