Exclusive Tech for Britain 2016 discount code - Explore Digital Transformation

We’ve partnered with Tech for Britain 2016 who, on 9th June 2016, will be exploring digital transformation and its effect on the future of work. A topic close to our hearts. We have worked with some of the UK’s largest businesses and some of the hottest up and coming startups to work together and explore the future of work. Our Future of Work programme with PwC has seen the opportunity for big businesses to pilot disruptive technologies.

Staying ahead of the game and disrupting yourself before other do is key to the growth of the UK’s SME’s. The Tech for Britain event will see some of the UK’s leading examples of companies and even government organisations that are ensuring that they don’t fall behind as tech takes over our lives.  

24+ speakers from the likes of the Head of Technology at Sky, CTO at Cisco, the UK MD of Twitter, the Director General of Digital Tech for the UK Government, and our very own co-founder of IncuBus Ventures, Rishi Chowdhury.

The one-day event will feature talks, panels and plenty of networking, where you’ll be able to hear digital transformation case studies, showcasing success stories and failures, current projects and future opportunities. It looks set to be an enthralling event with some of the UK’s leading change-makers.

Talks include:

Nick Williams, Chief Consumer Digital Officer, Lloyds Bank
Our Digital Transformation Journey

Alison Vincent, Chief Technology Officer, Cisco UK&I
The Importance of Culture in Digitisation 

Mayank Prakash, Director General, Digital Technology, UK Government
The UK's Biggest Digital Transformation Opportunity

Jia-Yan Gu, Executive Director, Technology, Goldman Sachs
Truly New Thinking Can Only Come from Diversity


To get your tickets visit the Tech for Britain website where you can see a full schedule of events and more of the speakers attending on 9th June. We have an exclusive 25% Tech for Britain discount code: INCUBUSLONDON which can be used at checkout.


Hope to see you there and be a part of the change makers that will see Britain prosper as a technologically advanced nation.