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We base our spaces on a modular format callned cubes to allow for full customisation and scalability by sq ft. All cubes can be tailored and have minimum unit sizes. We collaborate with our clients from start to finish creating a work environment that embodies unique brands and objectives. Flexibility, comfort and technology are at the core of any space we develop.

Our modular format ensures a space as adaptable as its occupants. This also ensures that spaces are fully utilised at all times. 

We use the latest technology innovations to improve day to day experiences for all, whilst providing ROI by either reducing costs, saving time or increasing revenue potential.  

Culture & Community

Our focus is targeted at cultivating a productive, community driven space, that allows innovation to flourish. We create environments that promote health and mindfulness . 

An important part in any space is also the interactions between occupants. Ensuring a culture that attracts innovators that fit the theme of the space whilst contribute to the culture is key.

Our close work with communities and data led design can boost serendipitous interactions that lead to collaboration. Through smart use of technology we can also foster relationships between space occupants as well as visitors.


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Data & Technology

With our industry-leading software partners and in house technologies, individuals will be able to move around smartly. By using data-driven analytics we can better understand how residents are utilising the space. 

As well as developing our own technology, Incube works with best of breed partners to drive efficiency within both the residents journey and back office operations of the space. The latter can drive operational costs down, increasing margins for later commercial models.

Effective use of technology can improve experiences whilst ensuring a positive ROI. As activity increases. spaces can be adapted easily based on data collected to ensure the most productive environment. 

Custom Build

We work with spaces of all sizes to deliver a bespoke model that suits your needs. Whether that is a fully custom Shell build or a Category A space ready for design, technology and fixtures and fittings.  We are also familiar with landlord incentive schemes to ensure you get the best deals which may include rent-free period, rent abatement or fit out contributions.

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