Announcing the 7 teams joining IncuBus Future of Work @PwC

Startups looking to change the future of work with PwC

Over the past few months we’ve been scouring the country for the best startups looking to take on the challenge of pioneering the future of work in three verticals:

  • Cyber Security
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • IoT (Smart Office)

The teams join us for 12 weeks as we take them through an intensive programme, focused on developing product market fit, gaining traction and ensuring they are ready to raise further funding come demo week in mid April.

The programme is run from a brand new dedicated space at PwC’s London office at Union Street, London Bridge. The teams will benefit from expertise and resources from hosts PwC (especially in Cyber Security) and their employees as well as our extensive mentor and investor network.

So without further ado, here are the 7 startups joining IncuBus Future of Work @PwC:

Alfred Smart Home is a mobile app that gives you complete control of all your smart home devices.


Autoemo® is two next generation telemetrics devices collecting and providing insight on motorist habits.


Flowcus is a personal productivity app, helping employees plan, focus and reflect on their day.


Intruder is a proactive security monitoring platform for internet-facing systems.

ShareOptic is a cyber intelligence product that pro actively safeguards data stored and shared within the cloud.


Solfyre is an online identity and authentication platform.


Ingress One offers one solution to manage all your employee and visitor entry needs.

If you’d be interested in learning about potential mentoring opportunities you can apply here.

Join us for the Future of Work Passing Out Parade. Hear the teams pitch, get a demo and networks with investors partners and future of work thought leaders: