The Journey

Founded in 2014, IncuBus Ventures was started by two ambitious young entrepreneurs, Rishi Chowdhury & George Johnston, who recognised that despite all the support for startups there was a lack of long term sustainable growth. IncuBus Ventures was born out of a desire to see the survival rate of startups improve.  

The pair initially bought a double decker London bus and turned it into the first mobile office where they incubated and showcased startups. After outgrowing the bus, it started touring the country (and even Europe) showcasing startups to investors and clients.

The company is now headquartered out of offices in Camden. 

IncuBus Ventures work closely with fast growing startups and forward thinking brands. By working together startups and corporates can learn and benefit from each other. Startups get access to senior management and their collective experience at large brands. At the same time brands get access to the latest technologies and market shifts.




I travel the country showcasing companies at large events and hosting custom activities. If you'd like to hire me and go on a journey speak to my team and we can do something to suit all parties. See you soon!